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The following products are also manufactured by PLASTCON, LLC (Russia):


POLYPROPYLENE FABRIC: presented as sleeves, folded sleeves, semi-sleeves, or fabric with a surface density of up to 200 g/m2. Sleeve width varies from 560 to 2100 mm.


TAPE MATERIALS (slings, web) with linear density up to 90 g/m2, 1.5-9.5 cm wide, with a tensile strength of up to 3,000 kg (260 H), made of home-produced polypropylene threads.


SLING FIXTURES - articles made of woven tape materials (slings) and used for the transsphipment of oversize cargo weighing up to 2 tons (among others, for the purpose of minimizing the costs associated with bagged cargo handling operations).

CANOPIES - articles made of slings and woven polypropylene fabric and used for the purpose of securing the cargo transported in sea containers, by cargo transport.

COVERS - articles made of woven polypropylene fabric. They are used to protect the cargo from atmospheric precipitations.


Polyethylene LINERS
• folded;
• flat;
• heat-resistant (up to 140°С);
• suspended (”bottle-neck” type)