PLASTCON, LLC (Russia) produces transport liners (liner bags) meeting Technical specifications 2293-001-83778702-09.


The transport liners  are inserted into high-capacity containers (20, 40 foot) and gondola cars when performing the transportation of bulk or packaged general cargo, in order to:

- protect the container/gondola car inner surface against dirt and/or volatile fractions of the cargo (evaporations, odours);

- protect the cargo against contact with the container/gondola car inner surface.

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Transport liners.

Various types of design of the main models of transport liners

For 20- and 40-foot sea containers

The material typically used to make transport liners is polypropylene fabric. To ensure the transport liner’s resistance to condensate (to ensure it’s vapour- and moisture-resistance), various sealing materials may be used upon agreement with the customer.

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